Dating psychology student

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Only click on the link above if you agree to this condition. Here I will outline some of the stuff that I have collected and analyzed over the past three years or so.I will not bear responsibility for the things that you choose to do with that knowledge. You will find some really interesting stuff relating to the female psychology – we will try to find out how females think… If you want to learn this technique, I do need to ask you to promise me that you’ll only use it ethically and NOT to hurt the women you want to use this technique on.

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When used correctly, it gets a woman to feel emotionally “hooked” on you. The Female Loophole techniques work extremely fast – and this is the difference from other types of seduction tactics and concepts which often take months or even years to master (inner game, hypnosis, etc).

But fear not – here you will learn about probably the most explosive seduction techniques from the underground ever to be exposed.

Use these tactics and you will never be short of success with women.

By understanding women psychology, you’ll be well ahead of most men out there when it comes to dating and seduction.

Now, in order to successfully ask for a date, you’ll need to first build emotional connection (or rapport) with the woman.

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