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That is very true in some countries, but in others it isn’t at all. When foreign men are out in the Saigon nightlife girls are not going to be nearly as approachable as you might expect.When people go out here it is extremely social circle oriented, and guys don’t just go up to strangers and ask to buy them a drink. You have to pay to get a girl to sit with you, and all you are likely going to get is her sitting with you.There will also be gold diggers looking to find a rich foreign boyfriend, and there also might be a few slutty Vietnamese girls that just want to hook up.Don’t expect many of that type around, but there might be a few.

Also barfines generally aren’t paid to allow the girl to go home with you.Could you possibly find the right drunk girl at the right time? But it is far less likely here than in other places around the world.Approaching isn’t easy, and the girls aren’t very receptive.We will start off by breaking down the dating culture here and talking about how it can be quite difficult to pull girls from clubs. After the bad news we will list the best clubs to go and meet Saigon girls interested in meeting foreign men at party hot spots.There are a wide variety of adult entertainment venues here from normal nightclubs, hostess clubs, and many rooftop bars.

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