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Tell me something people have a hard time holding onto. Name Something An Ant Might Find Annoying About Living In An Ant Farm. Name a recording artist parents might consider to be a bad influence. Name a place people work that starts with the letter "F". We asked 100 women: Name someone you might call if you needed advice. Name Something Made From Lemons Name Something Men Buy To Wear That Don’d Try On In A Fitting Room Name Something Men Enjoy Shopping For. Name Something A Vegetarian Might Put On A Sandwich.

Tell me something you try to fix yourself, rather than having a professional fix it for you. Name a profession where you need to be good at math. Name something a telemarketer might try to sell to you. Name something many people spend a lot of money on just to impress others Name something you miss while on vacation. Tell me something people do to be romantic on Valentine's Day. Tell me something you would expect to see a farmer wear. Name Something A Knight Needs For A Jousting Match. Name Something That’s Usually More Expensive At Department Stores Than At Drug Stores. Name Something People Forget To Do When They Leave Their Car Name Something People Got To A Professional To Have Cleaned. Name something you would not want to wake up in bed next to. Tell me someone whose plastic surgeon you'd never go to. Name Something That Will Happen If You Stop Brushing Your Teeth. Name Something That Might Ruin A Ballerina’s Day While Performing On Stage. Name Something That Computers And Sports Cars Have In Common. Name Something People Look Forward To All Year Long. Name Something A Man Might Try And Fix, But Ends Up Having To Call A Professional For. Name Something Angelina Jolie Has That Starts With The Letter “B”Name Something A Man Might Put In His Hair.

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    Brian Sandoval today announced he will include 78,000 additional people in Nevada’s Medicaid program as provided for under the federal Affordable Care Act.