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However, the commission's investigative panel make the request, for either a paid or unpaid suspension, to the supreme court.The commission's investigative panel receives and/or initiates complaints.Neither the supreme court nor the chief justice of the court has any authority to investigate alleged misconduct by state judges or to investigate the commission.The commission cannot begin an investigation until a written complaint is received, and the commission cannot accept complaints via email.A majority of the misconduct complaints received by the commission ask for a review or reversal of a judge's rulings or decisions.The commission is not authorized to take action against a judge.The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) is a judicial disciplinary agency in Florida, created by a 1968 amendment to the Florida Constitution for the purpose of investigating allegations of judicial misconduct by the state's judges.It is not a part of the Florida Supreme Court or the state court system.

After the answer is filed, the hearing panel schedules a hearing date.Before the court makes a final decision, the parties have the right to file briefs and request oral argument before the court.Judges accused of misconduct may waive their right to do so.The commission's chair serves as the chair of the investigative panel.If formal charges are filed regarding allegations of misconduct, the judge who has been accused of the misconduct has 20 days to submit a response to the commission.

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