Dating small talk ideas

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That being said, I urge you to grill your first date companions with as many taboo topics and questions as possible— just try to be playful about it.

This helps you learn more quickly if you and a potential romantic partner line up in terms of values, passion, humor, and comfortability.

).”Being a firm believer in the beauty of human connection and great love, I strive to encourage others to pursue big talk over small talk and welcome discomfort in order to grow.

This may sound surprising to some people, but I sincerely want to hear about a potential romantic partner’s exes and past relationships. This conversation doesn’t always come up on the first date, but I’m happy to discuss it if it does. Because the way someone talks about their exes and past relationships speaks volumes about who they are, their capacity for healing and forgiveness, and it lets you know if they’re weighed down by any resentment or unresolved issues.

I know I’m guilty of this sometimes, so I make it a point to put my phone down and look up.

The second I arrive for a date, it’s “phone down, eyes up, ears open (and heart open, too!

To get the ball rolling when I meet someone new, I’ll lightly bring up the dullness of small talk so we can (hopefully) breeze right past it and get down to the good stuff.

Taboo subjects are only taboo because they typically bring up various points of view, and people are too afraid of confrontation to dive further into conversation and healthy debate about them.

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