Dating someone with an ostomy

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I got a text from a girl I went on a couple dates with wanting to know how I was doing since I had been in the hospital for a couple weeks.I filled her in on my condition and she seemed to be taking it pretty good.I see it as a good thing that the girl broke up with you - her loss.... I can say that you should be proud of yourself for getting out there and trying. The ostomy didn't change who you ARE, it changed how you eliminate body waste.I can assure you that it is just as hard to be 'close' to my hubby as it is for you with strangers and dating - and we've been together forever. well everyone here has your back and I think a few want to know if you have any older brothers or so on and so on!!!!! maybe they are the ones who you can be your old self with and gain back more of your confidence!!

I know we are all different, but Jo don't give yourself short shrift in the patience department. Its been 2 years since my colostomy and 14 years since I divorced and I still have not been on a date. So I think it is wonderful that you have out yourself out there. we have become very good friends over the last few months.But I later realized that it did force me to come up with solutions for my problems with my bags and increased my comfort level in public.So I'm not happy she broke up with me I'm happy I made the effort and grew from the short relationship experience. I am pretty self confident, but let's be honest when you are sleeping over or having sex you know it's there!! Hugs Donna I can only speak from my own experience. She's a wonderful woman and I couldn't go on without her. I just first want to commend you for getting out there and pushing yourself.It's hard and sometimes feels crummy, but I surely do hope you have quietly faced what your body and life have become and perhaps it's made you stronger. Just remember you are more than just the bag you are wearing. Maybe just go out for coffee or casual date so you get more comfortable with wearing the bag. we deceded to have a weekend togather....i was so nervous..morning before our date..i put on a clean fresh bag..sure every thing was fresh and clean!!! It took me awhile to get used to everything I was constantly checking to see if you can see my bag sticking out and if I had any leaks but eventually I got used to it I mean I still check lol but I have more self confidence now then I did before and that's the best thing you could have !! I still have yet to find someone who will accept me and my little friend lol but I look at it like hey you had a life changing experience and possibly well in my case a life saving surgery and if u can't accept that then they aren't worth it !!went to good ...anticipation is growingg knowing wee decieded to be togather..had rented a hotel room for added privacy . but soon was relaxed and enjoying my self..untill ..very familier smell whiffs up to excuse my self take overnight bag to bathroom...hoping to be a quick fix..enoug i sprung a leak..started to get out my supplies.. and although it did not go as planned..was a good step in the right direction...humor helps. and frankly if we continue our relationship,and i think we will. But at least your getting more comfortable with your situation I believe there is someone for everyone !!!

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