Dating sports fans hockey

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He'll love you unconditionally and take you to heights neither of you previously thought attainable. To say this guy is in a transitional stage in his life would be putting it lightly.

He hasn't been in a serious relationship in years, and that should throw up a red flag as far as taking the next step.

If you're dating an NHL fan, here are the 30 things you'll know about him as soon as the puck drops on your relationship.

This guy is young, but after suffering a major identity crisis, he got his sh*t together.

He hasn't sniffed the prospect of a solid job in years and at this point, he probably wouldn't know if one bit him on the ass.

This guy is way too distracted to give you, or anything else that matters, the time of day.

He doesn't look like much on the surface, and on another night, you might've passed him over completely.Sure, he'll be the instant target of any girl who sees him, but he'll stay loyal and faithful as long as you do.He's full of youthful exuberance and most definitely still in that "figure it out" stage of life, but don't be so quick to let that be a deterrent.After years of living at home, this guy finally moved out of mom's basement.So, you have to be willing to deal with the growing pains and uncertainty that accompany such a big schism.

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