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Tecaut- Romanian International Dating Website - Romanian International Dating Website Will not let me erase my account!

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She asked for my help and said she needed 500.00 a month to make her bills.

At first I didn't agree but after I did agree to help her.

She did get another job as a kindergarten teacher, and held that till the end of school season.

Romanian address: 15/2 pitesti str Cluj-Napoca, 400119 Romania USA address: 706 S Normandie ave Los Angeles, CA 90005 Birth Date : 8-22-1983 Age : 29 Height 5'5 Weight approx 110 - 125 lbs.

Auburn (red) hair, blue eyes, pale complextion , body freckles. Yahoo ID's: Sticky_sugar78 , Evil_formicid_ant , Punkee_is_anna , Anna_acid_ant She was a cam sex girl. Through the years she wanted to come to the US, and we tried the work travel program, but she was denied a visa at the Bucharest embassy each time.

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