Dating the first australians

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It should be, you know what does Australia Day mean for all Australians?

in the Northern Territory place the early arrivals at the site by 116,000 /- 12,000 years ago.

One of the world's best known, and highest regarded anthropologists, Claude Levi-Strauss, called them 'intellectual aristocrats' among early peoples.

If this is the case, the mouths of the rivers they would have been entering for the first time could have been hundreds of kilometres seawards of the present coastline.

Since 1994 all states and territories celebrate Australia Day together on the actual day.

On this day ceremonies welcome new citizens or honour people who did a great service.

At the time of the arrival of Europeans in Australia it was declared an unoccupied land, as the Aboriginal People didn't practice agriculture, so the colonists could take over without even consulting the locals.

The Aboriginal People were believed by some of those Europeans to be at best, like children, who needed to be protected from themselves as well as everyone else.

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