Dating the second time around book

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He was the son of a Connecticut family doctor, a general practitioner whose avocation was research biology.His father had a laboratory in his home, and from the time that Nick was a child, he spent most of his free time there, helping his dad with experiments.He had cheated all these people who had invested so much money in his company, often their life savings or total assets.Of course they hoped to make money, but many believed as well that their investment would help make the vaccine a reality.

He started work at a small supply business and quickly rose to the top and became a partner.Apparently Nicholas Spencer, Nick, was a thief and a fraud.The miracle vaccine was nothing more than the offspring of his greedy imagination and consummate salesmanship.He was one of those people who are gifted with both inherent personal charm and a genuinely brilliant mind.A little over six feet tall, with dark blond hair, intensely blue eyes, and a trim athletic body, he was physically very attractive.

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