Dating tips for young adults

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) On that note, it bears repeating that it’s also everyone’s right to access free and confidential advice and services relating to our sexual lives, whatever they may be.

One of our community members who works as a sex and relationships therapist says, “I work with a huge array of people with very different bodies, different abilities to move and position those bodies, and varying sensory issues.

It means that you’re acknowledging your needs, and hopefully that means you’re thinking of ways to meet them too." - Gill, Sex and relationship expert on Scope's online community.

"It’s easy to forget that we all have the same rights to enjoy intimate relationships that give us joy (in whatever context you might want to experience it!

) and they're attracted to it, and to you, so try not to worry.” Another community member says, “I think one thing that troubles us all, disabled or not, is whether we're getting it right. However, it’s even easier to forget that if we want something that involves another person, there’s really no guarantee that they will have picked up on what it is we want.

Worse, they might have picked up on it but then come to the wrong conclusion.

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