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This maximum value is based on the architectural limits of IP itself.

As a result, if you add only one source IP address, the SI can support up to a maximum of 64,000 simultaneous connections to the real servers.

Update 2: This seems to be a POF Peer1 love fest infomercial.You are Agreeing to these Terms By submitting your email or video testimonial, you’re allowing Markus Products to use your likeness, voice, and verbiage in its videos, websites, and promotional material.Your submission may be edited for time, grammar, or content. If you cannot handle bitter-tasting stuff then purchase my natural sweetener, Markus Sweet, to improve the taste.all u need is a reliable site and no interference and the lottery word of mouth ie someone won a million here and there "IIS arbitrarily limits the total connections to 64,000 so a load balancer was added to handle the large number of simultaneous connections."I'm glad that was cleared up.When the author of plentyoffish made the original post about his setup, there was a lot of vagueness.

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