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The Sudanese motto of business is IBM (Ichallah Bukra Males, meaning unfotunately I can only deal with your business tomorrow, God permitting), so I had to stay in Khartoum for four days to take care of the papers.During my stay, I walked on the streets and saw a lot of local Arab women.The location of the wedding was not entirely about being close to Varda's family: Jews and non-Jews are unable to legally marry in Israel.The marriage registry in Israel is controlled by the Orthodox chief rabbi who refuses to administer weddings for Jews who marry outside the faith.When they got into a legal dispute with their Jewish neighbours, the opposing side made sly references in court papers to the fact they were a mixed couple.Going through Israel’s Ben Gurion airport is a “degrading and painful” experience that invariably means extra security searches and questions.Both parents are determined their children will not serve in the army and will fight to try to exempt them. “You can’t deny one colour and think you’re making it easier for them.What’s easier is for them to know the truth of who they are.” The family has faced racism in big and small ways.

None had ever really had sex with an Arab woman (a sailor told me he had once been with a prostitute, but that doesn't count), but they all agreed with me on the charm Arab women emit. I admired their obscure beauty and their allusive charm. The cleanest girl I've ever seen and the best looking by far. I think Lebanese girls are great for marriage and long term commitment.I tried to interact with them, but my Arabic is lousy and their English even worse. There the women were more open and they spoke French, making it easier to communicate. Had the best *** I've ever seen, amazing body. I've had sex with a Palestinian girl, and a Moroccan. Based on dating an Arab woman, and sleeping with Arab women they're definitely freaky.Of course, you should be afraid of these people'.’’ Although the family is connected to both its Jewish and Arabic halves, they live in the Jewish western side of Jerusalem.Their lives more closely resemble those of their Jewish neighbours than those of the Arab families in the village where Amer grew up.

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