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I almost felt like he was addressing me personally. There were some great expansions on both the biological background to attraction, and of course David’s staple outer game concept of cocky and funny.Much of this I’d never encountered, such as the explanation of Light and Dark biology and psychology.The seminar rocked, and Sydney was the perfect city in which to test drive all of the new material and understandings.The venues at Darling Harbour and others throughout the city were phenomenal. Our “American accents” (mine is really Canadian) didn’t exactly hurt either. For those who haven’t heard David’s other programs, this was a follow up and expansion of his Advanced Series DVDs and Sexual Communication programs.Tyler Durden gets pregnant at the Double Your Dating Seminar in Sydney I recently attended the very stellar Double Your Dating Live seminar program with David De Angelo, in Sydney Australia.It was a long flight from California to Sydney, but well worth the trip.The Sexual Communication CDs were also the basis for much of my understandings of subcommunication and all of the various concealed levels of communication that are fundamental to attracting women in a natural way.

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Now take her name, and add the word ‘mistake’ to the end of it.

There were several times during the seminar that I was left shaking my head, thinking back to all of the relationship mistakes that I’ve made over the years.

He was just shredding through piles of them, and you could really feel the guys in the room pierced with self-recognition.

David has been fortunate (or perhaps intentionally clever) to have spent a lot of time hanging out with naturally successful guys, and his programs are in part modeled after the fundamentals of their success.

There is a natural process by which women are attracted to men, that involves subcommunications of frame control, body language, tonality, attitudes, internal beliefs, and a general way of conducting yourself both on verbal and non-verbal levels.

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