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Boyse Tomjack got In trouble with the law soon afler the couple arrived. 17 to begin serving a five-year sentence for car theft. He drank loo much and slolo a truck one nighl from the Military Inn. Her new husband, accordbig-to court records, lost held a job In 1970. I'd buy the cheapest wine I could find for him bul it . While a few people owe her money for babysitting and ironing, Janls still finds herself the day afler Cbristmas, with less than $I0 ht her purse, The last UW, chased a few days ago, Jus I didn't go very far. 734-Wl6alior5pffl: •^^'■'I'l Hiliafc 733-0931 MEN'S DORMITORY. ATF Director Rex Davi E sold his bureau investigated more than 1,000 explosive or Incendiary bombings this year, compared to 871 In 1B7S. But the fewest, 2 apiece, occurred In Nebraska and North Dokota. explosives Industry and hivcstlgates about 70 per cent of the bombing In Ujc Umt«l States, Davli Bjil(}. The bomb cs Umate for 1976 Is 113 mllllan." Arrests for explosives violalkms rase about 15 per cent, Davis said.. Richardson, was shol from "dose range," and was dead In hiskitchen when the coroner arrived about a.m.. The shooting was the result of n family argument, a sheriff's deputy reported. Penny, and scvcrol of ithclr children u'cre (he only persons at home when the shooting occurred, the deputy said. The deputy said the county prosecutor will decide Monday whether on arrest should be made.' Richardson worked tor Nelson's Builders as a truck driver. (Otlhuiy,p.» Ynletidi B plea CHRISTUAS DAY wu mariced by Cbrlstloo cddan Uoos ol the BMb of Cfarttt (biougtiout "7.:. Hoe, Pope Paul VI Issues t can for a '' "sew spfrltual htim^nlsm" whldi ho lald transcendis moo's faitoxlca Uon with "adent UIc JQM»_^arsed Jhcnij^ America" the learn aiifays won. When the govern- ment, which lakes such things seriously, found out, 11 fired thtfwholccommlllcc. The stecl-tlppcd shaft hit the man In the shoulder. Llsk t'an to a neighbor who told police; "She was real ex- cited." A bumbling bonk robber was nabtcd when he fled frtim a bowery bank In N. City and tried to stash his loot In a trash can behind a building. TAKE ADVANTAGE - ol our 10 per com oft on all holiday llcrni siicn At O'oon lo Jiaoo. aon^ooii Dltys allnoliaay novotlles, oaat 'n onds Frodfiri CKion's Ciallhaus 3C9 Seco M Slioci Easl.

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A HAPPY FACEI ) DAD showing his pride in his family, LHodlcda young man really at 58 In 19U ot Filer.) These things never fade from a child's memorlci^. Our mother was always there also sharing In every dela O. We used to go in Ihc grain wagon, with straw carefully pul In the bollom and warm blankets pul on the lop of thai for "us kids" to cover our legs with. But our pioneers have made our country's foundation very secure for us today. Our beautiful valley that stretches beyond our view. The folks sat on the seal wticre my dad drove those faithful old farm horses. what she called "dumb old words for En^lsh class." One of the words she had to look up was' slavery. CHRIS PECK Filer grandma a great person Editor, Times-News: I was bom al PUr several years ago.

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