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And maybe, if things go well, it will turn into a late night.

But it’s also the night of “I’ll just pop by for one drink and if it sucks I’ll be home in time for Parks and Recreation.” No one goes into a Tuesday night date expecting a super long evening.

We also still have our fair share of days where we choose self over the other; to zing instead of uplift. Maybe even a little flour fight or swipe some icing on his nose. That teacher you’ve been meaning to encourage; the neighbor whose mom is ill. Get all gussied up and pretend you’re heading to the coolest gig in town. Get those trusty-dusty candles out again and set them around the room. Or maybe get old school and bust out your favorite car racing game or Mario Bros. I hope this list has gotten your creative juices flowing for all the possibilities for some fun, inexpensive dates at home!

Well, over the last year, we’ve been going through an awakening of sorts. We’ve agreed to start trying as hard as we did in the beginning; starting with a lot of little things. Serving together blesses you, the other person, and bonds you closer with your spouse. Hang up balloons and streamers if you want; make it fun! Just work together to pick the night, and then protect it.

The Wednesday Night Date: Statistically speaking, it’s the best night of the week for a date.

You’re both probably pretty drained from the weekend, and possibly pretty stressed about the work week ahead.

Because it’s a weeknight, Wednesday nights are unburdened by “Will we spend the night together?

” pressure, which can free people up to act a little more brazenly, and lets longer nights feel more spontaneous.

You may or may not know that we live overseas, in a small rural village in Ireland; and we absolutely love it.

It’s just as green as you see in the movies – if not greener – and the people, the culture and land are utterly amazing. Spend the night at a “Hotel.” If you have a guest room or spare bedroom, tidy it up, make up the bed with fresh, clean sheets. Put some mints on the pillow and nice fluffy towels and/or bathrobes.

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