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The new chapter, The Dissolution Procedure: Development and Validation 1092, was intended to supplement the information in 10 and provided step-by-step detail for development and validation as well as offering information on new technology and equipment.

In 2006, the chapter became official with the Second Supplement to USP 29–NF 24 (2–4).

It also is used commonly as a predictor of a drug product's in-vivo performance.

To help satisfy dissolution requirements, the USP provides information in the way of a general chapter on dissolution, as well as related chapters on disintegration and drug release (1–3).

Analysts for years have used prednisone and salicylic acid tablets to qualify and "chemically" calibrate dissolution instruments.

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Drug Regulations has prepared this presentation based on the proposed chapter.

The adsorption of the analyte to the filter may be saturable, meaning that it can only adsorb a certain amount of the analyte.

If that is the case, a specific discard volume of sample solution filtrate can be found that allows subsequent filtrate concentration to be representative of the concentration of analyte dissolved in the sample.

Validation provides confidence that the analysis will return the correct results.

This is true at any expected concentration such as is found when testing different strengths of product and also when multiple time points are specified.

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