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Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter." The papers were filed in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, under the classification of "Family and Domestic Proceedings" under the cause of "Dissolution"on Monday, July 6, two weeks ago under "B. The petition was filed for 3 on the 6th of July, with an added fee to seal the information.

With other charges added to the case, the grand total to dissolve the country superstars' marriage amounted to 3.70.

The pair sang, "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma," which would later become love song perfectly made for Blake and Miranda.

Country music’s favorite couple always supported each other’s career with loving pride, hugging and kissing as they as they both took home highly honored trophies from the CMA and ACM Awards.

Fans could not have been more shocked and saddened by an ending to the seemingly enduring love story between Blake and Miranda.

Both of Country music’s superstars loved by fans for their multi-award winning music were loved just as much for their relationship.

On Monday, July 20, 2015, Country music’s most loved couple, Blake Shelton, 39, and Miranda Lambert, 31, announced news of the couple’s divorce to the shocked public. S.," the initials of the plaintiff (Shelton) and defendant (Lambert).

Only hours later, it was also announced that the divorce papers were finalized. The couple released a joint statement, earlier in the day, to the Associated Press, saying, "This is not the future we envisioned. The documents were not filed under Shelton and Lambert's names, and instead, filed under the name of Shelton's Norman, Oklahoma attorney, Virginia Henson.

Yes, Lambert is currently competing against her husband on The Voice (I mean, come on.

After their respective splits, she and the country singer began emailing and supported each other through the difficult time. And no one goes into anyone’s room or trailer, and I had a brand-new baby.

So we would talk when we would get in front of the cameras." Stefani and Shelton have since gotten serious.

Shelton also addressed these tabloid rumors of a split in 2014 "I was upset for [Miranda] to go through it." This is the second divorce for the Country music superstar and “Voice” coach Shelton. Blake and Miranda maintain that they did not start dating until 2006, after Shelton ended his marriage to Gern.

In 2005, Shelton and Miranda sang as a duo for the CMT's 100 Greatest Duets Concert.

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