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You don't have to click or buy anything if you don't want to, but if you do, my family and I thank you!

While I also cover heavier marriage issues in my blog, this post deals with something a bit lighter, but still very important to the success of marriage relationships: Spending Quality Time Together, aka Date Night through the use of date night subscription boxes.

By now I hope you are wondering how you can get started with your very own Datebox!? You can try it once, choose a monthly plan or they have a pre-pay that allows you to save on each date when you order a 3-month or 6-month plan.

With plans starting as low as .96 per date, Datebox is less than going to dinner and a movie and I think it’s more fun anyway!

Following months alternate between their four main themes: Sensual, Playful, Control, and Costume.

If you aren’t comfortable with one of those four themes – or if you want more of one of them – you can email them and they will pull (or add) those boxes from your queue.

USUALLY everything is included in your box but for example, the Homemade Ice Cream box needed ice and cream.Imagine for a second—I would ask you to close your eyes but I need you to keep reading, so that won’t work—you have been home all day with the kids and you just a want a second to relax.Maybe friends invited you out but you don’t have a babysitter available and honestly, with everything you have going on in your busy life, with or without kids, the thought of all that preparation for another dinner at a noisy restaurant just leaves you feeling more exhausted than you already were. It’s Santa Claus, aka the delivery man, and he drops off a box.🙂 Though I fully support The Dating Divas’ aims of marriage building, I’ve always hesitated a bit in promoting them here because: A) they’re sometimes a little bit too services contain more products in the box, but all price points offer the same overall themes.– Products included are lingerie, toys, and other novelties.

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