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Luckily I’ve never had to experience that, but I can see where they’re coming from.” Despite the pain, she says, waking from the eight…hour surgery was actually a day that allowed her to feel incredible gratitude for all the people who were supporting her.“I get out of surgery, I’m bleary eyed,” Hoda says, describing that day, “and the phone rings in the room and it’s Matt [Lauer]. My brother, my sister, my mom, my friends were there all the time.” It took a couple of months, but before long she was up and walking around. Hoda, who does not have kids of her own yet, must consider the toll that her treatment is taking on her ability to carry children.when many people expected her to dive into research and continue to read up on her diagnosis… “I checked out,” she says of her lack of interest in the research and the investigation that many assumed would be a reporter’s instinct when facing a health crisis. I was also going through marital issues then, and I think when you have two big things going on in tandem, you don’t really have the energy to focus on one completely or the other completely, so you don’t really focus on either of them too much.

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Indeed, at the end of each journal entry she wrote throughout her treatment, Hoda would write the word Forward.

In February 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer after her gynecologist discovered lumps in her breast during a routine exam.

Though she hosts a syndicated show for NBC called Your Total Health, at 43 Hoda had not yet had a mammogram.

Now, describing her own lack of screening, her voice reflects her awareness of the irony of the situation: “I just didn’t do it,” she says. I ask people all the time why they haven’t gotten checked for various things, and here I was not getting screened.” Now, however, with a diagnosis in hand, Hoda was able to use the resources she had as a journalist to make sure she faced her diagnosis head…on and made the right decisions about her care.

She credits her many friends and colleagues with helping her find a truly wonderful medical team. We have great doctors here.” And though she had many recommendations as a result of the input, she says it ultimately came down to personality when she chose her physician. After a while, when everyone tells you that you should have the same procedure, it’s about a personality.

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