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I was chatting to the dom over tea, when the doorbell rang.

I opened it to an electrician in his twenties in overalls, holding a bottle of wine. Minutes later he was lying fully clothed over her knee, being spanked.’ A traditional dominatrix does not have sex with clients, but instead enables their fantasies – no matter how bizarre.

-Molly Jim’s snogging the face off of (YN) -Greg Good God -Mycroft I’m coming over there -Sherlock Mumpgh -(YN) I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU -John No love you are a doctor -Mary ... I’m here what hapnsekksrjgwehafhmbasddlhf -Sherlock Sherrrlkys tutrn -(YN) Mycrpfte helops mee -Sherlock This is a little funny to watch -Greg What is going on here? Moriarty just passed out -Greg Jim has joined the chat. Sherlock I have your tea -Martha Hskbfkdsfbnciamoah -Sherlock He means thank you -Jim How come you’re not at your flat?

-John Whipped -Molly Dear brother I’m coming too -Mycroft Hksjbsidh -(YN) Hheheyyy greeg go away -Jim No get off of her -Greg Itsa fine greegyy -(YN) Is she drunk too? -Martha (YN)’s snogging us all apparently -Greg Martha has left the chat. -Sherlock We all have a right to know I suppose -Greg Lalalalaaalalalaallaalalalal -(YN) I think she’s too intoxicated to answer -Mycroft Adfghjkl -Greg I haven’t had a snog in a bit what about me? -John I don’t think we should tell him -Sherlock ... (Yyyyyyy Nnnna) offfs -Sherlock NO(YYN)STOPRTIREW -Sherlock Nooooopeeeee -(YN) Mary has joined the chat.

-Mycroft Ha jealous -Jim I’m coming over (YN) -Greg Why Jim’s not bothering me -(YN) He’s a criminal -John He’s adorable though -(YN) Did you just call Moriarty adorable?

-Sherlock He just walked in my flat and I don’t know why -(YN) You want me here you know -Jim ...

-John Hiiiiiiiii johhnnnyyty -(YN) .............................. -John Be quiet (YN) -Mycroft Heyyy johnn i snogggeed evryonee hahaha -(YN) ...................................................................................

Before a session you need to find out if the client has health problems and agree on a 'safe’ word.

If a client has been tied up for a certain length of time you have to check that they’re OK. This isn’t about providing our bodies for sex; it’s about role-playing and providing humiliation.

The photographer Kate Peters spent a year shooting dominatrices, or 'doms’, in Britain and was astonished at the contrast between the 'normal’ women she met and their leather-corseted personae.

'I remember one session in an ordinary east London terraced house.

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