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Season 15, Episode 175September 20, 2017A teen girl has become so obsessed with her on-again, off-again boyfriend that he claims she has become a stalker, forcing him to get a restraining order for three years.

Season 15, Episode 174September 19, 2017Linda believes that her sister, Patsy, is being catfished by a guy named "John" who claims he's in Cairo, Egypt.

Linda says that "John" instantly started asking Patsy for money, saying he was in a bind.

Season 15, Episode 167September 7, 2017Taylor says her mom, Michelle, dresses and acts inappropriately, posts "half-naked" pictures on social media, and is obsessed with looking "on fleek." She claims her mom is an obsessive narcissist who never matured past the age of 17.

Season 15, Episode 156May 17, 2017A teen admits she's a spoiled "princess" who has spent other people's money on her lavish lifestyle.

Here, she defends her entitled behavior and faces her boyfriend, who gives her an ultimatum. An interview with Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, fiancée of Aaron Hernandez.

Yikes Jules, sorry about the car, did ya bump your head? You have the Internet connection, and the cost of the bandwidth and any extras people might want?! The owner of POF last reported that women contact a man first about 25 percent of time On paying site women email men an even lower percentage ... Match has other good points: They allow you to do lots of other stuff, I can narrow my search results with lots of options for example, who's new, how far away, how close by, different age ranges, height/body type/race, keywords, cities, I can bring my profile to the forefront of women's searches just by making a few changes now and then, and they get tons of people there I am glad that someone can see the point.

LOLKIKI...."An expert is a person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject."How do you gain knowledge? Hey, did you know that it costs money to run a web site? Some web sites use a lot of advertising, and that puts many people off. Oh, and while we're at it, some folks want to make a profit. I don't recall Dr Phil claiming to be an expert on online dating... I think it depends on person whether you are going to succeed or lose.

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Don't shoot the messenger (or the website) - it's a tool.You can gain it by doing but you can also research and studyto gain knowledge. You have the Internet connection, and the cost of the bandwidth and any extras people might want?! All sites are just tools and the more people use it the better.I don't recall Dr Phil claiming to be an expert on online dating... In my area POF doesn't seem to have too many members and Match does. I don't even use this easy option 'no, thanks", I try to explain people why we are not so good match from my point of view.Season 15, Episode 165September 4, 2017Teri says her husband has racked up doctors' bills and spends his time lying on the floor wearing breathing strips.Samantha says her husband slept in a tent in a garage and hid under a bridge. The focus is on a woman named Amber, a once-successful wife, mother and entrepreneur whose life then spiraled out of control. Phil tries to get to the bottom of her fall from grace.

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