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You can also designate family members and trusted friends or neighbors who don’t live in the home as backup contacts.

If the primary contacts don’t respond to an alert, the message will cascade down your phone tree until someone responds.

Canary, he told me, would be inexpensive because it wouldn’t rely on positioning pricey sensors all over the home.I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’d remember to do that every time I leave the house.Canary has a number of tips on its website for improving its geofencing performance, and one of them suggests not installing the Canary app on a device—such as a tablet or digital media player—that you don’t carry with you everywhere you go.That doesn’t mean it’s a bad product—it has a strong price/performance ratio for a now 9 home-security system—it just means its developer’s ambition exceeded its grasp in a few key areas.And in some other areas, the developer wasn’t ambitious enough.

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