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Many Utah Navajos did not go to Fort Sumner during the time of the Long Walk of the 1860s, hiding in various canyons of southern Utah and northern Arizona. United States Military Conquest: The Long Walk and Fort Sumner Incarceration 6. Development of the Navajo Nation as a Sovereign Entity Traditional Oral History--Stories of the Ancestors Navajos, like all other indigenous people, have their own stories about the creation of the world and their place in that world.This brief Navajo history will highlight significant events that occurred from prehistoric times to the present, divided into seven main categories: 1. These stories have been handed down for countless generations, primarily by oral history and song.Both general American and Navajo history largely have been written from the point-of-view of the dominant society.Books about Native American history have been influenced by a multitude of interests: written through the eyes of colonizers, military leaders, missionaries, traders, and government officials--all with their own specific interests and purposes for writing.Written history since the 1 700s has documented Spanish and Mexican relations with Navajos, followed by American military invasion and colonization of Navajo lands.

Sacred oral stories passed down from generation to generation tell of cosmological origins and continuous evolvement through four eras or worlds, ultimately leading to what the Navajos call Hajiinei the Emergence, that brought the Navajos to their present location.

Traditional Oral History--Stories of the Ancestors 2. Because these stories were not written in books hundreds of years ago, western historians refer to them as pre-history--essentially the time before the coming of Europeans to the Americas.

Navajo origin stories begin with a First World of darkness (Nihodilhil).

If Navajos and other native people had a written language earlier, history books might well be different, incorporating the viewpoints of the indigenous peoples.

Many native people feel that standard history texts do not contain the indigenous point of view.

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