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I remarked how numbing it must have been for her to plow through all this.

Since the number of sexual positions and combinations is limited, wasn’t pornography doomed to ultimate monotony? and that judicious use of it actually allowed her to get through 100 or more films a day, since the sex acts themselves (often called “commercials”) were invariably filmed at close range and unremittingly, as if the cameraman had set his camera onto a small tripod at the foot of the bed and gone off to have himself a beer. I came into it for the glory.”I was to learn that Margold is not only committed but also a substantial figure in the porn industry — known as “Papa Bear” for his efforts to help his “kids” work out their personal problems, especially concerns of self-esteem.

It read “William Margold created Himself.” We talked about the Lions. We could have been chatting in the Silverdome in Pontiac. You were my inspiration.” He went on to say that in 1968 he had reviewed my book Paper Lion for the Santa Monica Evening Outlook. He said, “I knew you weren’t going to get into the business.” (I was tempted to interrupt and tell him about Alex de Renzy and Egypt but refrained.) “So I said to myself, Why not try it? Thomas is one of the few people who still shoots on film rather than with video. “I try to involve the audience in the characters of the story so that when it comes time for them to have sex, it means a bit more to the audience. I stirred and said, “Paul, did you know that back in the sixteenth century having sex was sometimes called having a flourish?

“In the supermarkets we kind of freak people out,” she said.“A certain amount of clashing when you kiss,” I suggested.“We feel quite uncomfortable without all that stuff on,” she said.

“It’s like you lose your ballast.”We began talking about the night’s awards ceremony.

The stars came out of their booths and had pictures taken with their fans — the men’s faces quite solemn, as if they were about to be handed a certificate for good citizenship. The girls rolled the posters into tight cylinders and then slid a rubber band up their length between thumb and forefinger — “like they’re putting a condom on a guy,” as someone in line pointed out.

I paid a visit to the booth of AVN (Adult Video News, the industry magazine that was sponsoring the 1997 porn-awards gala that would take place that evening), where I was introduced to a young woman who reviews porn movies for the publication (her nom de plume is Lily White).

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