Erin andy dating dating girls in rajkot

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Pete tells Erin that she should do what makes her happy, to which Erin responds by kissing Pete. Pete and Erin's relationship parallels both Jim and Pam's relationship in the early series, as well as Tim and Dawn's in the British series.

Erin brings this up and suggests that they double-date, but Jim and Pam make excuses why they can't and Erin drops the subject out of embarrassment.

Andy would later try to spite both of them by inviting Gabe and Pete's ex-girlfriend to the office to embarrass the two for his own amusement. The relationship seems forced, as the camera crew keeps asking Gabe if he's still dating Erin.

By the end of the series, Erin's parents have managed to track her down and they reconnect. Ever since Erin arrived, Andy has been trying to impress her, usually with disastrous results.

The two have a mutual attraction for each other, but think the other will make the first move which stifles their chemistry.

After Erin moves to Florida, Andy realises that he can't live without her and publicly dumps his new girlfriend as a romantic gesture, winning Erin back.

Erin is still dating Andy in Season 9, but she has begun to see some of Andy's less favourable traits.

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