Essays on teenage dating

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Nowadays relationships are not ending with “And they lived happily ever after” like in Cinderella or Snow White.

In fact, dating violence has increased 40 percent since 1999, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Therefore, frequent break ups and arguments lead to attempts of suicide, teenage pregnancy, STD’s, teen violence, and substance abuse.

This happens due to lack of experience and a broader understanding of what relationships are (Dasgupta, 2011).

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Everyone has (or needs) to be in a romantic relationship somehow. So you know where I’m coming from, I’ll tell you who I am. How I can live sixteen years without a boyfriend while you’ve had one since you were in the 6th grade.

The biggest threat about teenage dating is their inability to maintain a relationship.

Teenagers mostly, do not understand the necessity of sustaining a relationship over a period of time.

Dating violence rarely occurs in public or in front of parents or friends, and the media and technological advances have added a new dimension of secrecy.

Constant texting, rude comments online, or requests for nude pictures can be warning signs, and when controlling or unwanted behavior persists, violence may follow. Couples may think of this as a good thing, but for some relationships it can be dangerous.

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