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’ But if someone finds out you went to that meeting, all of a sudden your commitments and values are in question,” commented Jonathan Jacobs, Professor of Philosophy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, when I interviewed him.

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That includes the power to criminalize an individual’s expression of sexual fantasies, no matter how perverse or disturbing.For proof of this, we needn’t look any further than the case of former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle, dubbed the ‘Cannibal Cop’ by New York City’s ever-creative bold-face journalists.After public outrage demanded the criminal prosecution of an imagination that was wholly bizarre but hardly unlawful, he was convicted in 2013 of conspiracy to kidnap and for illegally accessing NYPD databases to engage in graphic online communications about kidnapping, killing, and eating women, crimes that he had never acted upon.Even though having bad character is not itself a violation of the law – the state can’t punish you just for having a depraved imagination – nonetheless, if you break the law you can have an additional quantum of punishment heaped on you if you seem to have a really bad character,” Jacobs analyzes.But before we lose all hope of flying our freak flags on the net with unimpeded glory, what’s happening in courts of law and public opinion is that we, as a culture, are adapting.

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