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Featuring the railway photographs of Jim Carter; I. Some names are less well known than others, yet each and every one was responsible for converting thousands of youngsters into 'wannabe' railway photographers. As a boy there was a handful of railway photographers I admired - even idolised - whose pictures appeared regularly in the monthly magazines.Thomas & Friends™ is a fun and playful way to help your child learn and grow.Whether it's through Thomas & Friends™ online, the trains and tracks themselves, videos, movies or books, Thomas & Friends™ can help with the physical, cognitive and social development of your young one.This is Sonning Cutting, just east of Reading; a popular spot for serious students of railway photography, particularly Maurice W Earley, whose shots of GWR steam are legendary; indeed there is much evidence of his numerous visits to Sonning...dotted along the top of the retaining wall are mysterious holes made by the legs of his heavy tripod which are still visible today...A publisher would be hard pressed to find a more deserving photo for a double-page spread than this one, however due to an error on my part (there were no details identifying the photographer on the reverse of the photo) I wrongly attributed the photo to Alan Parkin The photo is copyrighted to Richard S Greenwood, who explains that it is from one of his own negatives (Ref HC22) and shows B1 61017 Bushbuck working train 1N55.Read More Find out from Michael Shore, Mattel Toys Research and Development Expert, how problem-solving little red engine James teaches your child the value of resourcefulness and how it can help develop their cognitive skills.Read More Find out from Christopher Keenan, Executive Producer at Thomas & Friends, how clever, confident Emily and her organising ability teaches your child the value of working together for a common goal, and how it can help develop their socialisation and cognitive skills.

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The Fowler 0-6-0T Nos 47667-81 appeared in April to October 1931, followed by the diminutive Kitson Dock Shunter 0-4-0ST Nos 47005-8 in October 1953 to January 1954.Richard adds - 'The Calder Valley and the Copy Pit line were largely ignored by most photographers in the early 1960s but, living as I do in Rochdale, they were on my doorstep.However by spring 1963 I acquired an 8mm film camera and so concentrated on cine with only a few still photos after that date...' Needless to say, I apologize unreservedly for wrongly crediting his photo…after all this is one of the best photos on the entire site, stirring up fond memories of lazy lineside trysts with a camera in the early Sixties; indeed compared to the frenetic jostling for elbow room among the rat pack of steam photographers today, railway photography was largely a relaxing pursuit in the old days - at least, that's how I remember it.Two batches of the Stanier '8F' 2-8-0 were built at Horwich, with Nos 48331-99 rolling off the production line between September 1943 and June 1945, with Nos 48490-5 following in June to August 1945).The final steam class to appear was the BR Standard '4MT' 2-6-0-19 between December 1952 and July 1953 followed by Nos 76075-99 in December 1956 to November 1957.

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