Format for updating a strategic plan

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There is of course no right answer here – though there are certainly risks if you get the number wrong.

Too few and you’re probably not stretching yourself.

It differs from a Focus Area – in that it is specific and measurable, and once completed will be replaced by another, different goal.

In other words, it is something that can be tangibly achieved.

A strategic plan that directs activities of nurses to improve quality care is best achieved by following the Institute for Healthcare Improvement recommendations.

Prior to writing the strategic plan, including its directives and goals, a team of experts representing various departments and stakeholders should be formed.

We suggest a structure as follows: Starting off with a verb forces you to be specific about what you’re trying to do.

If you possibly can include a metric and a unit – do so.

The aim of the plan should be clear with timelines and metrics to tackle its effectiveness.

The team should include members familiar with all aspects of the facility and its processes.

Administrators, nurse managers, pharmacists, physicians, IT professionals and front-line working nurses could be included.

But you want at most two people being responsible for the ultimate delivery of the Strategic Objective.

Following the above outline should help get you off to a good start when it comes to writing Strategic Objectives.

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