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Stores have to let you know with a sign on the door if they’re going to add a surcharge — although they don’t have to tell you how much it is until point of sale, when you’re already at the cash register.

And today’s retail landscape is hypercompetitive, so many stores will be hesitant to risk alienating customers by charging extra for using plastic.

Per data collected by one r/borrow user, the subreddit facilitated 3,473 loans totaling over 0,000 in 2015.

According to a moderator of the subreddit, r/borrow users, like Redditors at large, skew young, white, and male.

Ultimately, though, consumer awareness will be the strongest deterrent against widespread credit-card surcharges.Consumer advocates say permitting surcharges is a slippery slope.“If a national sales tax of 2, 3, or 4 percent were being proposed, everyone would be up in arms,” Consumer founder Edgar Dworksy points out on his site. You can avoid the fee by using a debit card, for one thing.If consumers respond in a similar fashion here — and there’s reason to believe they would — surcharges probably aren’t going to become common.There could be exceptions in markets where there’s little competition; we’ve seen airlines get away with piling on fees, for instance, because there are relatively few carriers out there for all the people who need to get from Point A to Point B.

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