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my dd was asked to join bizzy kidz but we decided to go with urban angels.i think its a good idea to send the pictures off to a few agencies and then you can see which ones are best for you and your ds. My son has been provisionally excepted by Scallywags who are meant to be one of the best - however, they want 275 for portfolio etc. I am quite interested in getting my daughter lexie into baby modeling and have been offered a place with bizzykidz , was just wondering is anyone out has any advice or knows the company as i want to check its legit.thanks We are registered with them and have been since xmas, I have received one tentative phonecall from them and not much more.Would it be best to try a few local agencies, rather than ones in London? I have thought about modeling for my little one befoer, but get bogged down with all the agencies! I've seen a local company called Bubble gum advertised in a mag that comes from the local council through the school so I'm pressumming that their decent. is this normal or is it a con agency thought id ask advice before going any further or can you recomend an agency. Hiya, We've just signed up with bizzykidz last week, the 94 for website was a lot less than some agencies.They've told me to send in head shots of the boys and if they feel they have 'the look' they'll take things further. reputable agencies are allowed to charge a fee for website set-up, but there are also some good agencies that don't charge anything, but of course everyone is applying to them so they can be hard to get into, but worth a go.

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you take a bit of a chance with whatever agency you go with i guess.x My two older children did modeling when they were 5 and 6 when i lived in london.You have to shop around as there are alot of dodgy ones out there.There are certain sites that are recommended, but the general rule is genuine agencies DO NOT charge for portfolios, they just take a portion of the fee for any jobs you child gets Though sating that My cousin payed to have a portfloio with models one and got a few jobs Though they were modelling for the Dear Deirdree photo casebooks! hi Elizabeth, i too was scamed by models direct, paid out 120, never heard from them again, ds is now with a few good agency, and dont let a few bumps and grazers put you off they all have them.Rebecca, dont let the birth mark put you off , you can still do modeling with them! kerry yes there is quiet a few dodgy ones about , and i now of a good web site with lots of info,about the scams, diffrent agency, and what to expect with modeling, i am a moderator on it as jacksmum, the addy is Ah ok - must have just been what the lady who spoke to me's agency did sorry : P Nyahs birthmark is all down her right arm, goes a little on her chest and back and hand but if shes wearing long sleeves you cant even see it Mind you this was back when she was small, nows shes got funny front teeth so looks goofy when she smiles LOL My 12 year old daughter announced yesterday that she would like to be the new 'face' for Ted Baker/Monsoon/Roxy etc. I am pleased that she has the self confidence to want to go for modelling, but am worried that she'll forget about her school work.

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