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Charlotte read what Finn had written and only suggested one change. In my experience nine inched is absolute max." Finn thanked his wife for being such a walking database of information.

Making the change he read what he'd written in that chapter for submission to the Literotica website.

They were not going out because neither of them went walking, being young people, and anything else that cost money to visit was out because Charlotte had been fired from the Milk Distributors where she had worked feeding caps into machines capping containers of watered-down milk.

Finn's company where he was a pantyhose quality inspector was not yet downsizing because of the economic recession but there were ominous rumblings from the boardroom at frequent emergency meetings.

"The board has made some tough decisions and the executives are calling us in to brief us." "Ohmigod, you're going to be fired." "Hush darling.

Putting his nine-inch piece of meat away, still dripping, Desmond thought what a great fuck. - - - - Mid-morning Monday, with Lucy at elementary school, her parents went to the local airport.

He would have married Mrs French had she not been married. Charlotte's sister and their mom were excited and lively, having stopped over in New York for shopping and to break their journey.

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CHAPTER 1 A black cloud settled over a house at 23 Walton St near the edge of the city because Charlotte and her husband Finnegan (Finn) O'Toole were bored.

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