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We reserve the option to hold up a shipment if temperatures en route from our nursery to you are extremely cold. If you still want them shipped during cold springtime temperatures to cold areas, night temps below 39, you assume the entire risk of severe cold damage in transit.

For exact day or exact week shipping, fees range from .00 and up depending on the number of plants in your order. If you choose earlier shipment, you risk the chance of cold soil and cold air triggering dormancy, undermining the health of your plants and setting back their growth progress, reducing and delaying your harvest.

Be sure you are going to be home when your plants arrive.

This will help you avoid expedite fees if you need to suddenly change shipping weeks.)NOTE: We ship via Post Office Priority Mail and Golden State Overnight to the Western States.

They are shipped when they have strong stems and well-developed root systems.

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and shipped to you in individual 4" pots, grown in top-quality Fox Farm 'Lucky Dog' organic starting mix, healthy, lush and full-sized, from about 8" to 18" tall, hardened off and ready to plant out.Our unique No-Shift custom packaging technique, designed by me, protects your plants from shifting or movement in transit, assuring safe arrival from here in Los Angeles to your door.Your heirloom tomato plants will have several different types of foliage; some very wispy, fern-like, and delicate like Anna Russian, Sunset's Red Horizon and San Marzano Redorta, some thick and hearty like Emerald Giant, Rosella Purple, Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, Sweet Sue, Stupice and Marianna's Peace and everywhere in between, in varying shades of green.Occasionally we will send a smaller plant if the root system is well-developed.The husky dwarf plants are usually shipped at about 5".(Please be sure to double-check your spring or summer vacation schedule before choosing your shipping time.

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