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Not minding what Snapchat rules says, TBlak has continued to show nudity on his social media account.

Apparently, he has been blocked from Snapchat more than four times now, but he kept opening new accounts.

We did that a lot for a while before I invited her over to a hotel in Festac. She insisted that I must pay some money into her account before she would come and I did that.

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His real name, Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso, might mean nothing to you but his moniker, Kingtblakhoc is popular on social media.

As much as the benefits have been of immense help to all, it has also fuelled a surge in its abuse as a lot of people now use it for unholy activities.

VANESSA OKWARA reports As more people gain easy access to the Internet through mobile phones and other devices, there’s also a corresponding increase in online dating sites.

In one form, this fantasy sex is accomplished by the participants describing their actions and responding to their chat partners mostly in written form designed to stimulate sexual feelings and fantasies.

Sunday Telegraph investigations reveal that a number of young girls are now making money from these acts through various social media platforms.

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