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A closed-source freeware website, and consists of a server and client applet written in Java.It was originally developed in 2000 by Japanese programmer Shi-chan.As the result, it does not require any plug-ins or add-ons and works directly in the browsers supporting this technology. A device-independent, web-based zoomable whiteboard with realtime collaboration written in pure html5 and javascript.People can sketch, type together on a zoomable user interface privately or publicly.If guessed correctly, the guesser gets two points and the artist gets one.The length of each match varies based on the number of players (1–7 players and 3–1 rounds) and does not require an account.None of these features exist in open Canvas 2.x and later.Copies of o C11b72(open Canvas 1.1b72) remain in wide circulation on the Internet because of this.

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Part of the Queeky online drawing tools, it enables collaborative multi-user drawing in real time.

The applet was further developed so that multiple whiteboard and chat sessions could be hosted on the same server, and in 1998 it was released as Groupboard.

Since then over 90,000 people have set up their own Groupboard.

Paint chats generally attract the same demographics as Oekakis. A user can invite others to his/her Co Sketch session (called "room") by providing the unique hyperlink to the session and/or a unique hyperlink to the saved sketch.

Ten minutes after all users have closed their browser windows running the session, the session's content is deleted if it is not saved before.

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