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Just when I was sure I had found myself, the monkey began soul searching.

When the RDM and I would sit down at the piano to write something—the exact activity the monkey spent college with—the monkey would throw a fit and refuse to join us.

In order to pay my bills, I began tutoring kids after school on their homework or for the SAT, a side job I chose because it wouldn’t distract me from becoming the next John Williams.

It was the perfect setup, I was brimming with excitement about music, and things were starting to move—when the weirdest thing happened.

He’d put his foot down about social commitments when a deadline began to draw closer, but that wouldn’t solve the problem.

Soon, the monkey started thinking bigger, and without running it by the rest of us, he began hiring my friends to tutor for me.

I never missed a deadline, but I only did anything the night before it was due.

I was a dire moments, but for the most part, I was just doing everything at the last minute because I knew I could probably still do well that way—so why not.

I decided to dive in, and building off of what I had started, we founded a new tutoring company together.

The RDM still wrestled with the decision to put a pause on the music side of things, but the company was growing quickly, being in business with Andrew was a great time—like playing a complex strategy game with your friend—and the RDM finally started to feel okay about becoming totally wrapped up in business.

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