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Her way of interpreting the Bible is not systematic, for example, and she tends to feel her way through the text.

Chastity in that case was not about limitation for many—especially early Christian women in religious orders—but about new freedoms to live fully into grace.Sometimes we feel shame because of our own sin; sometimes those feelings are undeserved. RNS: You argue that early Christian fathers negatively shaped our perception of sex due to their “body/soul dualism.” What were the positive and enduring elements in early Christian thought on sex, in your opinion?BM: When talking about lust and fidelity in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus counters that mind/body duality, suggesting that you don’t actually have to commit adultery to sin against your partner.You say this issue is complicated because people have varying definitions of “virignity.” What are some of the most common?BM: Part of what I want to point out is that what counts as “sex,” or what activities count “against virginity,” varies in both Christian and public health circles.

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