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The most common externalizion is action brackets or asterix: Cay Avatar: I´m off to bed, good night!

*waves and hugs* This kind of 'role play' is around one's every day Second Life Semi-Literate Semi-Literate role plays are slightly better than Non-Literate in terms of grammar, although they still use improper grammar often.

IC In Character, person speaks as the character or acts as the character OOC Out of Character, person speaks as him/herself OOR Out of Realm something does not fit the given setting, like a futuristic Ray-Gun in a periodical medieval village...

HOWEVER if the said village is in one of the Goa'uld's planets in a Stargate setting, a raygun is not out of place.... When you take hit, you loose Healt points and when you are healed, you gain HP XP Experience Points.

Usually people do not want to be called 'non-literate' or 'elitist' so these are to be used only on an educational listing like this.

Non-Literate Non-Literate role plays have no need for quality posts and are littered with net-speak, improper grammar, actions quotes No-one cares what you wear or if you speak OOC or not.

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People refer to these games as 'talking heads' which means more talk and less or no action. 4: Periodic Re-Enactement Ancient Egypt, Medieval, Empire, 18th century, 19th century, 1950's -you name it! The word game is used plainly about any playable, but 'game' with quotation marks is usually referred to the Immersion or theathre-play type sessions.

There are five types of role playing: Non-literate, Semi-literate, Literate, Advanced and Elite.

Read more about the types under Practices Before you jump in, you might want to read more about different genres.

The Character is not usually any more pre-meditated than the gear on your avatar.

Usually without thinking if the gear fits to the supposed era...

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