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Once you’ve done the thing you need reminding of just swipe the notification away, as you would with any other notification. One is that it’s entirely too easy to swipe away a reminder without thinking, the other is that if you have lots of things on your to-do list your notifications screen could quickly become cluttered, so Notin is best just for reminding you of one or two important things, while keeping your full list elsewhere.

Still, as a completely free tool Notin is well worth remembering. The app is completely free and supports a wide variety of file types, from audio, video and images, to apps (APK files), documents and beyond.

You can switch to a topic-specific feed with a swipe, block sources you don’t want to see with a few taps, and switch to a reader mode (which ditches most of an article’s adverts and other unnecessary content) with ease. Simply type out something you want to be reminded of, tap the plus button and it will be sent to your notification shade, so you can always see it on your lock screen or when you swipe down from the top of the screen. Type something else out and hit the plus again to get more than one notification.

That way, rather than having a reminder pop up at what may end up being an inconvenient time, you’ll always just see it when using your phone, so you’ll never again forget that you need to buy milk or get married.

Alternatively, if it’s a device you’ve shared with recently you can simply tap on it to get the transfer started.

Send Anywhere works across i OS, Android, PC and Mac, files are encrypted and it’s completely free.

But if Wifi Analyzer finds that you’d be better off on another channel then it’s a change that’s worth making.

You can also show whether or not you’re online and tweak what you’re notified about and the colors of the app, and it’s cross-platform, so you can chat with people who are using Discord on a desktop or i Phone.

Basically, if you use Discord on another platform it’s well worth having the Android app.

is a voice and text chat app built specifically for gamers.

It’s great for communicating in-game, but also houses numerous gaming communities and acts a bit like a huge group chat for them, or rather, a series of group chats, spread across different topics.

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