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Steven walked across the patio, past the pool, past the group of adults laughing hilariously, past the old banker with a bottle of wine in each hand, filling the glasses of everyone he passed. Looking around, Steven figured he was the youngest person there. A guy with your looks won’t have any problem hooking up with as many girls as you want.” Steven was taken aback by his cousin’s compliment. That’s why I always looked for nice, funny, handsome guys.

His brother was also there with his girlfriend, who were both 21 and in college together. He’d never really thought of himself as good-looking. Like you.” Steven felt himself begin to harden slightly. You should look for pretty, smart girls with nice, fuckable bodies who like to have fun with guys like you.

Steven was getting a pretty good buzz after a couple hours. Her day of travelling had caught up with her, and she decided she had better call it a night. She felt one finger find her warmth, causing her to moan. I’m so wet…” He slipped his finger into her wetness, feeling its tightness. Laura ground her pussy on his hand as his finger worked in her.

She was also a bit drunk, so it was decided that Steven would drive her back to his aunt’s house, which is where he and his family were also staying for the weekend. Laura took Steven’s arm in hers as they exited by the side yard and walked to the car. I just had such a long day, I’m ready to hit the sack” Laura apologized. I’ll have my share of parties this fall, I’m sure,” he replied. She worked the top of her dress down and removed her black bra, tossing it to the empty passenger’s seat.

And his cousin, Laura – his aunt’s daughter – was also there. Girls, for instance, like me.” Laura let her hand drift over the fly of his pants, gently rubbing her palm over the hardening bulge in his pants.

Steven’s arms were wrapped around her lower back, holding her to him, her tits pressed into his chest.He was completely in heaven with the feeling of his manhood completely engulfed in Laura.My God, he thought, this is so much better than I imagined.He grinned at her before placing his free hand to her bare back and pulling her chest to his mouth.She cooed as she felt her hard nipple come in contact with his warm wet tongue, causing her to tingle.

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    Harper left the group in 1968 to join the Don Light Talent Agency, before starting his own company, The Harper Agency, which remains one of the most highly-reputable booking agencies in gospel music.