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My mom and grandma introduced themselves as Pam and Laura and the men made their introductions as well (Brian, Tony and Mike). When serving food, my Grams has been known to say, “I’m just going to use my hands, it’s not like I’ve been playing with myself or anything.”4. I mean, does chocolate quit tasting good when you get older? A woman well into her 70’s was eating dinner with a friend at one of my tables. My husband chuckled and everyone did a sort of collective sad smile as her Alzheimer’s “kicked in.” My husband said, “Eileen you are very beautiful, my name is Eddie, but your husband Roy over there, might not like me saying so.” She leaned in to Eddie and said, “Just pretend he’s not there; I have Alzheimer’s, so that’s what I’m doing.”3.She said she should have been evil and spent her time slutting it up like Lindsay Lohan.7. I dated a rather fat guy, and when he was having dinner with my family once my father asked him if he’d like him to pass the gravy his way.

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