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The American college graduate allegedly beaten to death by a gang of 10 people in Greece was an aspiring entrepreneur who was visiting the country to launch his own fashion line.

Henderson punched the security guard and a fight broke out between them.

The bartender joined in and within seconds a mob formed around Henderson, chasing him out of that bar where they allegedly beat him to death.

The authorities in Greece are now calling for a clampdown on party islands like Zakynthos, which are known for their cheap bars with rowdy tourists drinking until the early hours.

Among those who paid tribute to Henderson was his friend Alyssa White who said: ‘He was the guy who walked around campus and knew everyone.‘He was so determined in life, I mean he had dreams of starting a clothing line and opening his own business and he inspired me to work harder.

However, if you add voice chat, you'd be obligated to use it every time, since enemies will and thus if you don't, you'd put yourself at a disadvantage.

His body was taken to the Patras coroner for further examination, but the most likely cause of death is the blows to the head.

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