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Much of what we know about Kate initially comes from what other people say about her.

In Act I, for instance, we see her only briefly and hear her speak even less, yet our view of Katherine is fairly well established.

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As Act II opens, Kate enters, dragging Bianca with her hands tied.Kate, in her own defense, offers telling commentary on her situation.Although other characters encourage us to see her as unmannerly and incorrigible, deserving of marginalization and abuse, looking more closely at what Kate actually says reveals she may not be as domineering as some characters would have us believe.So, in order for Joey to date Bianca, Kat has to be dating someone first! Stratford gave Kat and Bianca the new rule (which was that when Kat started dating, Bianca could date) he told them that he just delivered to a 15 year old girl, and he didn't want that to happen to them.The Liverpool midfielder looks destined to leave Anfield this summer with his contract expiring at the end of the season.

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