He has kids dating

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I just babysat for my goddaughter this weekend, and while it was fun, this is not something that I care to repeat every weekend, because I got seriously behind on work. I might see myself married to someone with children, as long as there were very firm rules in place as to my involvement.I'm not sure how fair this is to the guy in question, though.If you do not like children that much (and I don't blame you in the least) one of two things will happen if you decide on a LTR with this man. There was nothing draconian about the way my parents raised me.Either you will regret it and rue the day you were born or you will somehow, soften on your position of children and perhaps grow to love (or at least like) them. It was common sense stuff -- bed at eight o'clock on the dot, don't interrupt adults when they're conversing, don't run or scream in the house, eat what's on your plate, etc.I am thinking that you cherish your freedom and independence and would become quite resentful and bitter in time if forced to be part of their demanding little lives. It provided a good structure for me and it was excellent preparation for the real world.Kids need to know that they can trust adults to make the decisions that are in their best interest.If you found out a guy you were dating had kids, would it bother you? Or would his family situation be a complete deal breaker for you?Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

Good kids, no behavioral problems, good relationship with both parents.There would be far fewer abused children in the world. 20yrsin Branson There's a man I met through my profession who I've known for two years, mainly as a friend and fellow writer. He's devastatingly handsome, loves his profession (as do I), financially secure, not in a pile of debt -- but he's also not a money-chaser.We're on the same page politically, spiritually and have markedly similar tastes in almost everything from food to books, movies, music and even lifestyle, such as where and how we like to live (urban) and interior decor.Perhaps had I not been in that situation, things would be different. I do know that I don't regret taking care of my dad -- it was an honor.With all this said, I don't mind taking care of friends' children when they need me to do so. It's fun to take them to museums and NASA exhibits and to cool cafes with nummy kidfood.

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