Horoscopes cancer dating cancer

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You have to think about what will happen when the romance ends.

Will you really be able to handle seeing him at work every day?

Great things are possible with so much transformative energy aimed your way.

The January Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is also square Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

For most women keeping business and pleasure separate is the best idea.

It is not really worth the risk to your professional image to go man hunting at the office.

There will be plenty of surprises and opportunities to grow and advance in the world.

The Solar Eclipse in March is in Pisces and may briefly create an emotional world, but you'll cope better than most other signs.

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As Saturn moves into his final five weeks of a three year visit to your work sector, the pace is already picking up and will only become even more intense.With the North Node of the Moon travelling through Leo, one of the money zones of your solar chart for the next twelve month’s or so, try to make the most of what you have and even be prepared to ask the universe for a little more.However, if you’re feeling in a generous, extravagant mood, find others ways to show your thanks, appreciation and affection rather than indulging your credit card over the festive season.The strong planetary emphasis on Scorpio over the next month or so suggests the party season may start early for you so make the most of opportunities to let your hair down, to have fun and express yourself, creatively and otherwise.The new Moon around 18 November could herald the opportunity for greater emotional closeness with a friend, family or loved one.

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