Horse and hound dating

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Racing takes place over moorland, fields and fells, with the hounds following a trail made of a mixture of paraffin and aniseed.

Two individuals affectionately known as ‘Trailers’ are responsible for laying the trail with both carrying ‘rags’ to the halfway point and then walking away from each other, one towards the start and one towards the finish. There are over 40 trail locations covering all areas of the Lake District National Park with both pups and senior hounds racing over 5 & 10 mile distances respectively.

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Dating back to the 18th century, Hound Trailing is one of Cumbria’s oldest and most popular pastimes with meetings taking place up and down the Lakeland countryside.

These distances can be easily completed in times around the 30 minute mark which is staggering when you consider the terrain & conditions all navigated while in the midst of hunting the scent! The Hound Trailing season begins in April and spans 7-months of the year ending in October.

On race day, Hounds can be entered up until ten minutes before the start of each trail and are slipped at a given signal from the appointed starter.

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