Icetv guide not updating

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It is ideal for customers who wish to use the Ice TV Australian XMLTV EPG feed but are not able to use Ice TV’s Full Service with Smart Recording.It covers all Australian capital and regional FTA transmissions with the exception of the racing channel and shopping channels.Ice TV delivers a curated, 7 day electronic program guide (EPG) for Australian free-to-air TV, which is provided as a feed to Ice TV’s compatible recording devices or to EPG aggregators for on-sale to their customers.The guide auditing system passes through a two-stage verification process.In April 2009, Ice TV won a 3-year-long, Intellectual property case against the Australian Nine Network, Nine claimed Ice TV was infringing copyright by displaying the station's shows in its electronic program guide (EPG).This case is said to be a landmark in Australian intellectual property law.Once the initial service scan has been completed, do a factory reset, power off the Toppy. If you do not follow this procedure output will be stuck 576i and output via component connection may not work. To update manually, copy the firmware file available from Topfield Australia's website to your PC.This will be a file with an extension of - if it is a zip file then you must first unpack the file and extract the file out.

Founded in 2005 Ice TV has been an integral EPG provider for many PVR/DVR manufacturers such as Topfield, Humax and Beyonwiz and software such as Eye TV and Windows Media Center.These are usually supplied to fix bugs but sometimes they also add new functionality.For example, various firmware have introduced recording 4 services, wireless support, NTFS support, and Home Media.Next, format a USB stick in FAT format and copy the firmware file to the top level directory of the USB stick. First perform a full factory reset on the PVR (Installation Menu-Firmware Upgrade.You should see your USB device next to USB Firmware Upgrade. Once installed perform another full factory reset, reboot the PVR, and then scan your channels and setup your timers.

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