Im a christian dating a muslim

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I come from a muslim background and have been dating the most wonderful person for about 4 years now. We are ready to move on however are toying about what type of ceremony we would have as I do not want him to convert and he does not want me to convert ... Thanks so much.046748534 #5697By mitch on Tuesday, March 04, 2003 - am Hi John.I am a non-Muslim man who is interested in a relationshp with a Muslim woman.The main ingredient for a happy marriage is open mindness and lots of humor and if you both happen to be fans of the same sports team the bond is sealed Love and peace, John.PS...always remember when you point at someone there is always 4 fingers pointing back at you 029196126 #4148By Anonymous on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 - am Hi John, It was so enlightening to hear your views and that you have such a wonderful family.but you know in my religion we cannot marry with a christian guy.after reading i m feeling so easy i mean..he dont want me to change my religion and offcourse me too i dont want as same.. that we become be like you guyz happy like good husband & wife .. God bless all of you..097232363 #13151By kishaloy on Friday, October 08, 2004 - pm Salam walaiqum .... I am an indian hindu man and am married happily to an egyptian arab girl who married me without changing her faith .....married in india .....i didn't want her to change her faith and she didn't want me to change my faith...we married in india according to the inter-religious marriage act ...from then onwards we do respect each other's religion and culture...goes with me to the temples and i go with her to the mazaars ....have always tried to lead ourselves along the path of truth and love that all religions do teach but the humans don't want to implement that in their own lives.....She partakes in ramadan but i dont think she is, i dont know how to say it, a really really serious muslim(i hope im not offending anyone, i just dont know how to say it). I hope so because i was interested in her before i knew of her faith.

We have been together for 32 years and we still are .

Could you tell me more about where and how you got married?

I am planning to marry my Christian boyfriend and it would help greatly to know how to do so in an inter-faith setting, specifically where you went to get married.

However,we've been together for about 1.5 years and we're thinking of getting married,our parents are against should i get married with her.

And I’m a little confused about what we’re going to do. So basically, I will already be married when I have my wedding next year.

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