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We have three managers under the age of 26 and almost every single manager advanced their way up within G-Force Time management.By focusing my time on the most important things I am able to be drive results. It was 100% commission based and required me to meet with people in their homes during the evenings. I learned that I enjoyed selling and interacting with people.Despite the humiliation and embarrassment I was able to overcome these financial challenges by having the love and support of my wife and two daughters.I remained optimistic, maintained by self-confidence and realized that my failure was really just an opportunity to learn, improve and come back stronger.I arrive in the office by before am and spend most of my day coaching members of my team in our efforts to support our customers and execute our aggressive business plan.Since we are in growth mode, I also spend a lot of time interviewing candidates for our many open positions.

Don’t second guess yourself, believe in your ability and business one hundred percent.

The thrill of competition is also a major component of our internal culture.

In addition to competition, promoting from within is also very exciting and rewarding.

He advises clients in industries including biotech, elearning and educational IT, healthcare IT, medical devices, cloud, software, venture capital, consulting, education, and nonprofit and family business, and counsels clients on corporate, finance, securities, technology, M&A, and international law.

He advises businesses through all stages of development — from startup through seed and angel rounds and venture capital financings; during operation as mature businesses, including acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances; and to liquidity through sale and IPO.

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